The Coffee Beans

Specialty Coffee Melbourne

Territory Melbourne Coffee is distinctly Melbourne while nodding to its Italian heritage. It sits among Melbourne’s coffee culture as a quality coffee that can be enjoyed within Melbourne’s colorful streetscapes.

Territory is an unmatched handcrafted specialty coffee, Melbourne artisan product and a fresh addition to the strong Melbourne coffee culture.

It is made with utmost care, respect with expert knowledge. At Grossi Restaurants we use only high quality, genuine products and we now stock this specialty coffee in our venues.

The Beans

Territory Melbourne Coffee has quality at its core. The coffee beans sourced for each volume are selected after vigorous research, ethical consideration, careful roasting and tasting. The result is specialty coffee beans, which translate to premium espresso in the cup.

Our coffee beans have been selected to bring distinctive Italian flavors such as nuts, caramel, nougat and marzipan to your coffee. The producers and producing locations of our beans are purposely selected to ensure these flavors are present in the final product and each volume will vary accordingly.