Seasonal Coffee

It’s just like wine:

Like grapes harvested for wine coffee beans harvested for coffee have different characteristics during different seasons. While coffee can be consumed all year round it has a harvest period meaning that our coffee continually changes from harvest to harvest. To make it simple we have introduced a volume system where each volume is a seasonal coffee blend consisting of the best beans from that season.

Coffee is not long life:

Once roasted the coffee bean has already gone through most of its lifecycle. It’s been grown, nurtured, picked, fermented, dried, cleaned and roasted. Once it has been roasted your coffee should be consumed as soon as possible, or within 21 days.

Fresh is always better:

Like any fruit fresh is always best. We ensure that our coffee beans are never more than ___ months old when you drink it. This means that we don’t have to roast it to death either to hide the old coffee taste. It’s just fresh, perfectly roasted, delicious espresso.

Seasonal Coffee Blends Melbourne

Any produce is best when it is fresh and in season. Coffee is no different and Territory Melbourne Coffee takes the seasonality of coffee into consideration when selecting coffee beans, determining roasting times and finalising blends. Guy’s cooking philosophy also revolves around seasonality, it’s about taking high quality produce when it’s at its best to create a dish that lets the produce speak for itself. Coffee is no different. We choose beans from various locations when they are at their best and then roast them to accentuate their inherent flavours and quality characteristics. Whilst seasons change and so do our beans, quality and consistency doesn’t, this you will get in every cup.